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Why we're here

In early 2019, I received the idea to start Marengo. I had recently moved back to my hometown of New Orleans and was living on Marengo Street with my husband and daughters. It was important to me to run a company that would make a major impact in people's lives.


I looked back to the time in my life when I had returned to my job in tech after my second maternity leave and was struggling to redefine what success meant to me. When I decided I should look for an executive coach, the search for the right fit was a tremendous hurdle. I began Marengo to make it easy to connect with a top-notch executive coaches so our clients can breeze through the search and focus on making the changes they want to see in themselves and in their careers. 

- Blaire Fernandez, Marengo founder


Want To Learn More?

Blaire on the Disrupt Now Podcast


This conversation between Blaire and Natalie covers the difference between therapy and coaching, bridging the gap between reality and the stories we tell ourselves, and how self-work can lead to the opening of beautiful opportunities you don't even know exist.

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