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Want to try a new industry or function?

Marengo pros are here to help you set goals and achieve them. 

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"I partner with clients to cultivate a mindset that empowers them to show up as their most authentic self, take steps towards their goals, and create meaningful change in their lives."


"My passion is to support overwhelmed new professional leaders to be equipped and confident in leading team performance, managing up and balancing priorities successfully. You can be that leader people want to follow, promote, and admire!" 

Praise for Marengo Goal Setting Pros

Cathy goal setting pro life coach
Cathy B.

Marengo Goal Setting Pro & Personal Coach

Certified through ICF


"After working with Cathy, I'm more focused on my overall leadership goals, I have greater clarity on my strategic objectives for a major program initiative, and I'm able to work more efficiently and effectively.

— Jonathan H., client of Cathy's 

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