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Intentional Thinking for Individualized Branding

Generating Success in a Reputation Economy

          As the corporate sphere has evolved alongside mass widespread digital advancements, it is crucial to reframe how individualized branding is commonly viewed. While considering the various differences in branding at both corporate and personal levels, there must be recognition of overlap between the two. One’s professional identity is meant to be reflective of their intended legacy and level of expertise in that general field, and ideally, these values would align with the company’s mission. And though this may differ slightly from how they may portray themselves independently from a professional setting, the divergence of these two elements is a critical stage in growing beyond the initial start-up phase of any company, as those employed to represent the core values of a corporation must also embody those in order to achieve complete authenticity and establish itself as a mature organization. 


           In order to properly establish a sought-after reputation for one’s company, prioritizing intentional thought behind all decisions rather than making decisions out of convenience is a great way to ensure that all future employees will have values that match those of the company’s mission, which further is essential when growing beyond the start-up phase for newly emerging businesses.

Branding and Company Culture

           The long-term sustainability and overall performance of a company are directly impacted by company culture, meaning that cultivating a positive work environment that mirrors the intended values of the corporation in question must not become an afterthought. There will inevitably be a natural track on which this intended company culture will find its way down, and so any individual who devotes their time to these operations will inevitably influence the workplace atmosphere. 


"We can afford to lose money- even a lot of money. But we can't afford to lose reputation- even a shred of reputation"

Warren Buffett

          There is a progression to how most companies' cultures evolve as in the early phases the cultures look very much in line with moving quickly for fast growth. Thus, there must be a certain level of intentional thought behind all early decisions so as to have full control over the reputation of your brand. The most effective way to ensure this right off the bat is to seek out individuals who hold different backgrounds, perspectives, and attitudes while all maintaining as well as upholding common company values.

Branding and Company Culture

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Encouraging Guidelines

"Whether you set the culture intentionally or it just happens, your culture will emerge regardless so it's best to approach it deliberately"

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