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Executive Coach Corena

Corena is a communication and leadership coach with deep experience in both global Fortune 100 companies and smaller companies navigating rapid growth and changing culture. She draws on her career as an actor to help clients develop the presence and skill required to achieve more confidence in their own voices and more courage and comfort in their ability to influence people, decisions and outcomes. What she learned about human behavior, emotional intelligence, collaboration and motivation as an actor strongly informs her understanding and messaging about how these things drive the outcomes of our work and lives. She works in an array of industries including financial services, law, management consulting, tech and media.


As a communication and difficult conversations coach, Corena is dedicated to helping equip those with influence to be effective change agents in the service of equity and inclusion. To embolden her clients to find the language and resources they need to challenge harmful norms and lean into the conversations they fear most—the ones that will unleash the best in themselves and the people around them.

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What clients are saying

“Corena’s guidance and insight has greatly improved my ability to navigate business challenges associated with rapid growth. Additionally, our entire team has benefitted and thrived as a result of my improved and more empowering leadership skills”

– Chief Global Operations Officer

Promotional/Branding Product Design Company

Coaching Expertise

Leadership Development Coaching

As a leader working with Corena, together you will explore:

  • What are the behaviors that best serve and define you as a leader?

  • What are the behaviors that contribute to your blind spots and limit you?

  • How might you shift your communication to more effectively engender trust and influence outcomes?

  • Are there better ways to manage your time in service of long-term objectives?

  • Where can you delegate to and develop others to free up your time and energy?

  • What legacy would you like to leave and how do your current actions align with that future vision?

Organizational Coaching

Corena works with organizations who want to ​invest in their high performers and future leaders to enhance and develop strengths such as:

  • Executive Presence and Effective Communication

  • Emotional Intelligence; increase ability to read others, manage self and influence situations positively

  • Building Trusted Relationships

  • Public Speaking

  • Time & Energy Management

Group or Individual Coaching


A high-performing team drives results, nurtures a positive culture and fuels motivated individuals who feel the opportunity to meet their potential.

A low-performing, dysfunctional team is going to tank all of the above. Humans are complicated and sometimes when we get together to make things happen, we need help.

Be the Ally

To be a true ally to women and people of color requires commitment and courage.

It necessitates a willingness to unlearn embedded ways of thinking and doing, embrace difficult feedback and conversations, and to step up and commit to changing dynamics in your organization, even if it's uncomfortable or imperfect.

In this workshop, leaders will be prepared to:

  • Recognize behaviors that undermine inclusivity

  • Introduce and hold the conversations to learn more about the experiences of all employees

  • Introduce and hold the conversations that challenge damaging structures and behaviors in your workplace

Corena works with teams to:

  • Build trust

  • Have better conversations

  • Work with instead of against differences to create more alignment around goals and accountability


Women still receive mixed messages and experience unique challenges in the workforce. There is much to be gained in sharing experiences and exploring tools and resources for managing those challenges.​

Corena works to create a safe, open space that enables women to hear, challenge, and support each other so we can tackle the issues above and below the surface of their work environments.

You will explore topics such as:

  • Managing bias

  • The heightened tension between assertiveness & likeability that women contend with

  • Executive presence

  • Empowering yourself and each other

  • Allies and mentors

Corena's Credentials


Master of Fine Arts

from Yale University


Executive Coaching Certification

at Columbia University

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