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Who are the members?

Our members are self-aware, lifelong learners who are ready to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be. They want to be the best version of themselves, both for their team at work and for their loved ones.   

"I’m really enjoying working with Cathie. She’s very insightful and able to get right to the heart of any underlying thoughts. I love that she has clearly prepped before our session and is able to guide the conversation based on some of the goals we discussed. I've worked with other coaches, and it was a very different experience. Cathie is a true professional."

Jane, executive client of Cathie’s

The search

If you've searched for an executive coach, you understand how many conversations with colleagues, web searches, and coach interviews it takes to find someone who clicks with you. It doesn't have to be that hard.

Who are the coaches?

We're cherry picked the top coaches in the market. Marengo coaches have been successful executives in their own careers and they've completed Columbia University's prestigious Executive Coaching Program.

Cathie is Hillary Clinton's former press secretary and has worked in politics and media throughout her career. Listen to hear speak about redefining success means to her. more...

Devon is the former Chief Marketing Officer at BlackRock Americas and has led digital transformations there and at Wells Fargo where she managed a team of 250. "Devon's ability to quickly peel back the layers at work and at home and get to the core of the issue was incredible" more...

Paula loves to work with women who want to get back on track with their careers. A Brazilian living in Austria, with two American children, Paula's global experience has made her passionate about Diversity & Inclusion. She believes that change starts from the top and is a certified D&I coach who finds 1:1 coaching with leaders drives the most impactful change in any organization. Paula is a Columbia University certified executive coach and has a Masters in Law from the London School of Economics.

Chris leverages his experience running people operations at eMarketer to establish himself as a trusted partner in the role of "in-house" resident coach. Chris draws on his deep understanding of organizational culture and spends one week per month on site to coach team members and distill insights for the leadership team around where to focus and develop their organization to create the culture they wish to foster. 

Kate Eckman empowers high-achieving individuals to actualize their full potential. She leverages her experience as a well-known communications, performance and mindfulness expert, accomplished entrepreneur, and elite athlete to equip leaders with the tools, methodology, and energetic boost they need to compete and win at a high level. Kate recently led and organized the team behind the launch of QVC’s first and only proprietary beauty brand, which earned $4M+ USD in sales the first day alone more...

Damon has spent 15 years working directly with C-Suite leaders in Fortune 500 firms. His work focuses on psychological performance and storytelling to drive stakeholder engagement. Damon speaks internationally on legacy, personal development, resilience, and driving entrepreneurial outcomes in corporate environments. He founded multiple companies and is an active board member and advisor to multiple international companies. Half of Damon’s clients are female leaders in the C-Suite. more...

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For companies:

1:1 coaching retainer

Meet with your coach for 50 minutes 2x/month to become a better leader and a more productive team

For companies:

Leadership team program

Drive healthy team alignment and coheasion with a combination of 1:1 coaching and team workshops

For individuals:

Performance coaching 

Meet with your coach 2x/month to achieve your goals personally or professionally

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May is ex-McKinsey and a graduate of Columbia Business School: "I help you design life on your terms, working at the intersection of spirituality and strategy. Whether it's personal or professional goals, we'll expand the vision for what's possible."