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Executive Coach May


May's podcasts:


May Empson is a Columbia-certified leadership and mindset coach for the driven and spiritually curious.  She’s also the host of the Own Your Best Life podcast. Her specialty is taking the driven and ambitious to the next level by reconnecting them with their soul, divine wisdom, and spirituality.  Through practical and spiritual tools, she helps achievers break free of burnout, live their highest purpose and get clear on their goals.  A devoted spiritual student as well as corporate warrior, May works at the intersection between spirituality, achievement, and grounding meditative practices. While she’s spent years on the front-line, from operations to management consulting to sales strategy and training across Fortune 500 companies, she’s also multi-passionate; May’s a yoga teacher and a CMO (Chief Mom Officer) of 2 young girls. She’s changed careers multiple times to pursue her passions, studying both spirituality as well as business leadership. May currently resides with her family in one of the lovely rivertowns just north of NYC.

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What clients are saying

“May offers the perfect blend of spiritual and practical life and career advice. She understands where I am coming from and knows the right approach to help me reverse my negative thoughts. She not only helped me progress in my career, but she also helped me get into the right mindset to break free of burnout, anxiety, and bad vibes. She changed the way I think, how I feel, and how I interact with others on a daily basis, at work and in my personal life. My favorite compliment from others over the past few months has been when people voice how calm and collected I am, when previously I was known to be frantic and a worrier. I truly believe in the magic that is May and recommend her to my friends who are looking for positive change in their life.” 

-Cathy, client of May

Coaching Expertise

1:1 Leadership Coaching

Want the ultimate thought partner? Invest in private coaching 1:1 with May to up-level, transform, and move you into action. 

Change takes time, courage, and support. Oftentimes, there's a change we're toying with--whether in our careers or personal lives--that brings up so many daunting emotions, we keep putting it on the back burner and fall back on what makes us comfortable--even if it makes us miserable. 

Maybe you want to make a career change, feel more in control of your life, spend less time on work and more time on your personal life. Maybe you know there's something more for you and you want help stepping into that new life.

You and May will work together to create an entirely different world from the inside out. Reprogramming your subconscious and identify the steps to bring your change to life. No more thinking about doing something. May's 1:1 coaching is personalized for you.

Leadership Coaching: The Group Experience

Community and expansion for the Spiritual Achiever and Soulful Leader.


What if you didn't wish things were easier but instead, began getting stronger? Becoming more emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually resilient to not only handle what comes your way, but make life work for you.


Leading from the inside out.


1 year of teachings. 1 year of transformations.


We call on all of ourselves and become a masterpiece.


The Oracle. The Warrior. The Creative. The Lover.


We make failure impossible. We make time for what's important. We take the first steps. We take the next steps. We become who we always wanted to be. We make progress on your unique goals, no matter what they are - so that you can live an extraordinary life.


Here’s what you get in the program:


When you join, you’ll have immediate access to the tools to help you achieve clarity, execute consistently and create joy.



If you’re ready to radically change your life, you’re in the right place. This experience is designed for the spiritual achiever who is overwhelmed by all options and looking for clarity. We take you step by step on a journey that enables you to make progress and own your best life.

   You’ll experience:

  • Live teachings and workshop-style group coaching 2x/month via Zoom

  • Monthly topics such as defining success, the process of achieving, joyful living, ease and freedom, career changes, worthy and receiving, your next 5 years, etc.

  • 1 live virtual retreat

  • A community of like-minded seekers because together, we’re stronger

  • An optional live and in-person 4-day embodiment retreat (add-on)

May's Credentials


Executive Coaching Certification

at Columbia University


Sales and Development

at Danone


Master of Business Administration

from Columbia Business School


Senior Associate

at McKinsey & Company

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